Saturday, July 28, 2018

Creativity at the Cottage

The path to Freedom Cottage is now surrounded by flowers...

and there's always something new to share as we gather each week. New patterns, new projects, new ideas - so much productivity in our group. And yes, there are days when some of us just come to sit and chat, which is fine. Such a relaxed atmosphere.

Barbara's quit squares, storefronts embellished with names of local businesses, are coming along beautifully. We can't wait to see them assembled into a quilt and she feels the same way!

And a quilt block by Pat K!

Barbara's sister, Laura, visited from New York recently, and shared her pretty Tumbling Blocks quilt.

Carol has outdone herself, as usual, with quilts...

a beautiful knit blanket,

and this adorable little boy's sweater.

Peggy has been knitting a pretty blanket...

And Susie continues to wow us with her beautiful appliqué.

This is a just part of her design wall.

and these are elements of a quilt she is working on...

which includes beautiful hand appliqué.

Pat R made this lovely, soft scarf...

and this beautiful blanket.

Jane knit this handsome sweater,

these beautiful scarves,

and a collection of adorable "Lovies".

Anne's skills are far ranging - from this gorgeous sweater,

to culinary delights she spoils us with,

and a sweet handmade summer dress for a little girl.

Dottie is working on this scrumptious blanket,

and Judy is making little embroideries for a fabric book.

We continue to enjoy our time together,
creating new projects, which we're happy to share.

Thanks so much for visiting!!

Friday, July 27, 2018

A Fond Farewell (but not forever)

In June, our good friend, Pat K, moved to South Carolina.
We know she'll be back to visit and we've already Skyped with her,
but we miss her, as well as her beautiful quilting and appliqué.
Here are some recent photos with Pat before her move.

Susie and Pat K

Jane, Pat and Barbara

Top, left to right: Anne, Judy, Susie, Pat K, Jane
Bottom: Peggy, Carol, Pat R and Barbara
Absent from photos: Daphne, Dottie, Susan and Lydia 

We miss you, Pat - hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fall and Early Winter

Yes, it's been a while since our last post. We continue to find our way over to Susie's cottage most Thursday mornings, where conversations range from grandchildren to books to local happenings to tv shows - and usually there are a few conversations going on at the same time. Some weeks the table is fully in use while at other times (rarely) only a few of us gather. But there's never any pressure and people wander in at all different times, pull up a chair, set out their projects and blend right into the conversation. Once in a while, there may be visits from grandchildren, usually there is some delicious baked confection made by Anne,  and always there is a contented feeling in the room.

Here are some photos of busy hands at work...

and here are some of our recent projects:

A fabric picture by Judy,

as well as some embroidery...

a quilt by Pat R.,

and her intricately knitted sweater,

another quilt block by Barbara,

Susie's quilt,

and her hand appliquéd quilt block,

Peggy's sweater she made for herself,

Dottie's wool appliqué Santa, in process,

Jane's "lovey", 

and her baby sweaters.

Anne's hat,

 her little girl's poncho pullover,

and a baby quilt.

hand appliqué by Pat K.,

fingerless owl gloves by Carol, and a purse by Susie,

a Christmas stocking, knit by Carol,

more gloves by Carol,

and a very fine knitted wrap,

as well as Carol's bear quilt.

Undoubtedly, there will be lots more stitching going on,
as we go through another New England winter,
and we'll be sharing our work as we gather
around the creative table.