Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Late Spring

Flowers are blooming, the days are getting warmer and we continue to meet in Susie's cottage, surrounded by her wonderful quilts and fabrics. All of the beautiful quilts that are made in our group bring to mind this quote: 

 “We stitch together quilts of meaning to keep us warm and safe, with whatever patches of beauty and utility we have on hand.” Anne Lamott 

 Here are some of the quilts that have been shared here recently:
(click on images to enlarge)

    A quilt made by Carol H. for her grandson,

and two more quilts by Carol!!

And here are some of Susie's creations!

Pat is working on her EPP Kaffe quilt squares...

Anne is doing some intricate needle turned applique,

and continues to indulge us with her delicious baking!

Barbara has completed all of her hand appliquéd squares,
and we should have a photo of the completed quilt in our next post!

Judy made an appliquéd and embroidered pillow for a friend,

and all of us are happy to see Summer coming!

May this be a good season for everyone!
See you soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

The Loose Ends

Spring is on its way and we have adopted a new name for our group - The Loose Ends! Susie's husband Bob had a sign made up for the cottage and it hangs above a widow. We continue to gather each week and each one of us feels so fortunate to be here, creating and chatting in a spirit of friendship and camaraderie.
Here are some of the "makes" by our members in the past couple of months, including Pat's beautifully knitted shawl, a pretty striped sweater in progress, and a sweater which looks wonderful on her.
Here is Jane's cute snowman hat,
and Carol H's lovely quilt, machine quilted by Barbara.
Anne has been knitting up a storm and keeping us entertained with these adorable animals made for her grandchildren. They are wonderful models!!
Here two of her bunnies are being photobombed by a bunny being made by Susie!
And Susie has been busy, as always, with her beautiful hand applique and quilting.
Carol S is working on the sweet Nativity set, created with felt and embroidery.
Barbara continues to work on her meticulously hand appliqued blue flower squares, and also shared this subtle pieced quilt top, which we all loved.
And finally, Judy finished this small hand appliqued and embroidered picture.
We Loose Ends will have more to share in the near future! Wishing everyone a Happy Spring!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A New Year

For some of us, 2021 was a very difficult year, and we all look forward to a better year in 2022. But good things did happen too, and here are some photos from last year to enjoy, beginning with a trip to the New England Quilt Museum in July...
followed by lunch at the Athenian Corner restaurant.
Here are some projects we've been working on... Anne's beautiful mittens,
Susie's amazing quilts and ever-changing design wall,
Barbara's "My Wakefield" quilt, the highlight of her display at the library, and a blue tulip quilt she is working on,
Carol H's shawl and her Florence Nightingale and Christmas quilt,
Pat's knitted sweater with the lovely scalloped border,
Jane's sweater for a little boy,
and Judy's winter embroidery.
In November, some of us took trip to the Museum of Fine Arts and saw two wonderful exhibits.
Happy New Year to all. May this year bring us good health, new projects and many happy hours of stitching and chatting around the creative table!!